This page gives links to Events  that might be retreats etc run by the Australian College of Classical Yoga, but which I lead. Or they might be fun events from here or there in which I participate.


FACING UNCERTAINTY – one day retreat

11th September – what better date to explore the uncertainties of life, and face them with equanimity?


Uncertainty is quite a stressful state of mind for most people. It comes with a feeling that we have no control over our lives, or even of some issue in our lives.

A sure way to get off that stress is to regain certainty and control. But something is not quite right there… the real question is “Where does that feeling of need for certainty and control arise from?”

Exploring that question takes us to a simpler and surer stress-free state… one that puts more focus on reality and less on the deficit-model of need.

At the new Meditation and Mindfulness room in Blackburn


SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 119.30 -4.30,


PH 9833 4050 


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