Meditating with Mataji

Meditating with me takes the perspective of stillness. When the mind is still, consciousness is uncluttered by thinking.

Thinking requires consciousness, but thinking does not create consciousness. Consciousness is always there. When identification shifts to consciousness rather than thoughts, the mind and its concepts become as easy to see as the hand in front of your face, and that makes a big difference to how life is experienced.

When there is awareness of the mind, the “me” behaves better, because the quiet self sees the mind’s pains and pleasures objectively. Most of the fuss in life comes from a total investment in the likes and dislikes of “me”, and we see life constantly in terms of Me…. ME – and you; ME – and the rest of the world; ME – and my friends; ME – and the people who don’t like me; ME – and my ego

It sets itself at the centre of all, and even giving itself a second person in there somewhere, called “my ego”. But the I/Me is the ego! It’s not something we have, it is what the personal self actually is.

That changes – a little at first, then a lot, as awareness grows. As persons, we become more robust to the ups and downs of life, more tolerant of others, and much much easier with our own life and how the world is. And yes, a quiet awareness notices that, too.

Meditation times with me

Learn Still-Mind Meditation and Mindfulness

A six week course to learn the practice and outcomes of meditation and mindfulness. The focus is on stillness of mind while meditating, and keeping a meditative awareness – that is, being mindful – while active. And by the end of the six weeks, if you practise as suggested, you will be able to meditate without being dependent on an app, or on anything, or anyone, else.

Next times available: Online: 6 weeks starting October 28, ends December 2, 2020 Sessions are at 11.00 am or 7.00 pm, Melbourne Daylight Saving time.

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About Mataji

I am the spiritual director of the Australian College of Classical Yoga. We teach reality based spirituality.
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