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About the course – in brief

Still-mind meditation allows us to see our mind objectively.

When there is awareness of the mind, the “me” behaves better, because the quiet self sees the mind’s pains and pleasures objectively. Most of the fuss in life comes from a total investment in the likes and dislikes of “me”, and we see life constantly in terms of Me…. ME – and you; ME – and the rest of the world; ME – and my friends; ME – and the people who don’t like me; ME – and my ego

It sets itself at the centre of all, and even giving itself a second person in there somewhere, called “my ego”. But the I/Me is the ego! It’s not something we have, it is what the personal self actually is.

That changes – a little at first, then a lot, as awareness grows. As persons, we become more robust to the ups and downs of life, more tolerant of others, and much much easier with our own life and how the world is. And yes, a quiet awareness notices that, too.

Note that all programs will be Covid safe in line with Victorian Health Department guidelines

In Brief: The learner’s program is a six week course to learn the practice and outcomes of meditation and mindfulness. The focus is on stillness of mind while meditating, and keeping a meditative awareness – that is, being mindful – while active. And by the end of the six weeks, if you practise as suggested, you will be able to meditate without being dependent on an app, or on anything, or anyone, else.

Meditation times with me in first term 2021

Learn Still-Mind Meditation and Mindfulness

Tuesday February 16 – March 23 at 11.00 am
Thursday February 18 – March 25 at 6.00 pm

Sessions are at 11.00 am or 7.00 pm
6 weeks starting Wednesday March 10, ends April 14
Victorian Daylight Saving time till 3rd April, Australian Eastern Standard Time after that)

Still-mind Meditation Retreat

A weekend of immersion in peace of mind. Finding out more about how to live from the new perspective where the ego is object and self is quiet awareness.

At Aligning Health Centre, Axedale (near Bendigo): 4.00 pm Friday 12th March to 3.00 pm Sunday 14th March


To get in early on either the Learn Still-mind Meditation and Mindfulness program, or the Bendigo retreat, contact me through the form below, or else [email protected]

Blissout: Friday 26th February, 7.00 -10.00 pm

3 hours of still-mind meditation
This longer meditation gives you a chance to settle in a very stable way. Over 20 minutes, or half-an-hour, or even over one hour, the mind wanders and attention often wanders with it. Over a longer period, the experience of stillness that underlies mental wandering may seem closer.
Each hour will be marked by a 2-minute break to stretch and move.

At Waverley Yoga Studio
2/6 The Highway, Mt Waverley

For any one with mental health issues, active-mind meditation, which keeps the mind focused on something specific, is more appropriate.
Longer periods of stillness are not recommended in such a circumstance.
Please see your mental health provider and bring a reference from that person if you are thinking about these longer programs – this is a requirement of attendance../

Read more: Precautions in Undertaking Meditation

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