This blog is mostly about profound still-mind meditation and its outcomes

Profound meditation allows us to see our mind objectively.

Swami Shantananda
(aka Mataji)

When there is awareness of the mind, the “me” behaves better, because the quiet self sees the mind’s pains and pleasures objectively. Most of the fuss in life comes from a total investment in the likes and dislikes of “me”, and we see life constantly in terms of Me…. ME – and you; ME – and the rest of the world; ME – and my friends; ME – and the people who don’t like me; ME – and my ego

It sets itself at the centre of all, and even giving itself a second person in there somewhere, called “my ego”. But the I/Me is the ego! There is no “me + my ego”… The ego is not something we have, it is what the personal self actually is.

That sense of self changes – a little at first, then a lot, as awareness grows. There is an awareness that the I-ego is not really the centre of anything… and one’s life plays out without the dramas of the “me” holding its ground against every other “me”.

As persons, we become more robust to the ups and downs of life, more tolerant of others, and much much easier with our own life and how the world is. And yes, a quiet awareness notices that, too.

Note that all programs will be Covid safe in line with Victorian Health Department guidelines


LEARN PROFOUND MEDITATION : For those who already meditate and for those who have never meditated yet.

Time: Wednesday 7.00 pm AEDT
Duration: One hour, for six weeks
Date: Starts Wednesday 9th March, ends April 16
Fee: $275 AUD, concession $250

If you’re a beginner, you could not have a better start than to be in a class where you not only find out about meditation methods, but also how to establish a practice wherever you happen to be. And afterwards, you are likely to look at life in a somewhat different way!

If you already have a meditation practice, I am 99.95% confident that you will find a deeper comprehension of yourself, your mind, and your practice by the end of the program.

Whether you are a beginner or an established meditator, entry to the class requires a commitment to following the instructions given.
And of course, a minimum of 20 minutes a day of still-mind meditation (an hour is better!) and an observant mindfulness during the rest of the day.

Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat:
April 23 – April 25, at Bendigo

What’s thinking got to do with it? Meditating and Your Mind
If you meditate, in whatever way, but still have arguments and you can’t seem to help it, if you meditate but still feel disappointed by people or situations , this series is for you!
Six weeks, starts Thursday, May 5. Fee $275, concession $250

Learn Profound Meditation
The practice and outcomes of deep still meditation – experience self profoundly, noticing the imagined self that the mind offers as an alternative
Six weeks, starts Wednesday May 11. Fee $275, concession $250

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