2019 going going…. nearly 2020

What a fabulous day to finish the year and the decade!

With fires burning so much of Australia, we in Melbourne are blessed with a mild sunny day with cool sweet air today after a scorcher yesterday.  Our good fortune does nothing for those who have been affected by the fires, some who have lost homes or are relatives of those who lost their lives.  Such sadness and such sweetness – difficult for the mind to reconcile.

For me, the personal self that experiences the swings of fortune and misfortune, you might know that the last 18 months have been a turbulent time of poor health owing to cardiac problems.  But on this last day of 2019, I am excited to let you know that I FEEL WELL!! In fact, today I feel very well. That might change  tonight, or tomorrow, or in five years’ time!

What will 2020 bring?  Who knows?  I can tell  you with some degree of certainty about what I will be doing over the year. (See below)  And I can tell you that the only absolute certainty is that in the long run, there is the exit door, beyond which the personal self is dissolved into the ineffable.

The beauty of it is that today and now, and perhaps tomorrow, is the whole of personal life.  The future is a conjecture and the past is memories, merely clusters of neurons that only fire up when some trigger touches them.

And so, 2020

I have never experienced a year that ends with duplicated digits as it only happens once a century (1919 was the last).  I suppose no one else presently alive has either. I love the sound of 2020!  Cheers to you for the new year, the new decade, the once in a century year, and the new you. You re-create yourself moment by moment.


Plan for 2020

WORKSHOP ON STRESS: how it arises, what your vulnerabilities are, and starting to do something about it  2nd FEBRUARY


LEARN STILL-MIND MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS starts Wednesday 5th February through to 11th March

DIPLOMA OF MINDFULNESS AND MEDITATION Meditation teacher training starts Sunday 1st March

That should keep me busy enough through the first term. I’d love to see you at some of these programs !

SECOND TERM:  a workshop on Handling Manipulations (and refusing to be a manipulator yourself) ; another Learn Still-mind Meditation and Mindfulness; maybe a Learn Resilience 6-week program; and a workshop in practice, for those who have learnt Meditation or Resilience

Lovely Danni


and  all year   YOGA – taught by the lovely Danni Brown

Monday nights at 8.00 pm

STARTING SOON Daytime yoga – Thursday at  11.30 am






About Mataji

I have been practising still-mind meditation since 1982, teaching still-mind meditation since 1989, and training teachers since 1999. The greatest life change for me has been a steady easefulness with its ups and downs, and an ability to love the difficult folks as well as the easy ones. The more profound changes aren't so easy to put into words.
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