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The physical space at Blackburn has been relinquished, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. For the remainder of 2020, programs will be online. By 2021, hopefully there will be on-campus programs at Australian College of Classical Yoga in Mt Waverley, and also some continued online offerings.

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The sweetness of a space dedicated to meditation and mindfulness…  memories

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Meditation Teacher Training– starts March 2021

Meditation and Mindfulness

Thorough training to teach – understanding traditional and modern methods, spiritual and complementary medicine approaches, methods and purposes. Mentoring to develop and teach your own Learner’s course. Understand issues  in implementation; teaching methodology, handling emotional problems, and pragmatic issues like business principles.  The training is approved by Meditation Australia


Resilience teacher training is a shorter course, of 6 months.

The Resilience training program entails learning how people trigger the stress  response, and then escalate their distress it by reacting to the  emotional state they have engendered.  Learning the  biology of stress, and its opposite, the biology of a relaxed and calm  state is appropriate to both resilience training and meditation. Understanding and working on cognitive processes underlying the triggers, enables people to take charge of their emotional life, to handle situations and difficult people more successfully, and to return to calm and balance quickly from uncomfortable experiences. They become more solution-oriented than problem-maintaining. This is Resilience.  In learning to teach it, your own self-understanding will take a great leap forward, too. Training includes class methodology and development.

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