Blissout – Meditation Evening

Blissing Out

Once in a while it is a great idea to float in a pool of total refreshment, indeed, just to bliss out for a while. And that’s what we do when we just sit quietly for an extended time

During the Blissout, we meditate; we contemplate; and we enjoy some supper together.  A great way to feel the bliss of human contact and your own inner space.

No need to hire a float tank, or to put on headphones, or to go away for a week. Just sitting quietly.  You ease out…. and maybe you begin to see how your mind works…. how unnecessary its dramas are… and be more quickly able to release the dramas when you are active…. perhaps even to “sit quietly” in the midst of active living…


FRIDAY, 7.00 pm – 10.00pm
February 26, 2021
at Waverley Yoga Studio
2nd Floor 6 The Highway, Mt Waverley

Precautions in Undertaking Meditation


Call (03) 9878 8302

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  1. Mataji says:

    Hello, what about Shivaratri?

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