PROFOUND SIMPLICITY: Meditation Afternoon

Saturday 10th December at Studio or online

Practical, simple, and direct

Me ! (Mataji – Swami Shantananda)

I feel sorry when I see people who feel as though life itself is a sort of bully that pushes them about. It is possible to enjoy life better. This is not about a “teaching” or a philosophy, or a religious point of view.  It is just about being human It’s just recognising that most of us do “human” rather ineptly

It’s practical: the simplest direct way to stillness and a peaceful mind

What you’ll consider in this 3 hour workshop:

Body and mind

Notice your body : what is happening when you begin to feel stressed, or angry, or judged, or when you might be judging someone else. What happens in  your body? What happens to your mood? 

Do you notice the subtle shift from from one state to another?  Do you sense what this means for your understanding of the people around you?

Find out how to change that on the spot! And so, get used to nipping stress in the bud before your social scene gets messy.

And have an easier Christmas this year!!

Profoundly simple meditation method

Experience the simplest method of meditation – in fact, it is profoundly simple.

It’s something you’ve known all your life, but have probably forgotten. Why this forgetfulness? What replaces what we’ve forgotten? Get to know it again!

PS: if you already meditate, or in fact if you already teach meditation or yoga, you will find this workshop useful, too. You’ll be able to notice the issues underlying moods and interpersonal difficulty, and ways to bring complexity into clear understanding for anyone.

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WHEN will it take place?

Saturday 10th December 1.30 -4.30

WHERE will it take place?

Australian College of Classical Yoga, Studio and online
Studio: 2/6 The Highway Mt Waverley

HOW MUCH will it cost? Not much!!

$75, concession $60

CONTACT: Rob at ACCY: [email protected] Ph 0417 121 157