More on Profound Simplicity

This is a 3 hour exploration of experiencing the way the body changes the mind – by shifting from the physical signs of stress, and/or anger, resentment, apprehension and so on,  to the physical hallmarks of peacefulness.  This is an actual practice of how to get the body to change the mind-set, so useful in active life. It is followed by a simple but very deep, quiet practice of still-mind meditation.

These simple – profoundly simple – practices help a person become aware of physical and mental states, and to choose a response rather than unwittingly react to life’s up and downs.

The workshop would be useful for anyone just starting meditation, because of its simple practices.  The person might look for ways to maintain a regular practice, then.

It’s useful also for those who already meditate, because it will extend  their meditation outlook.

It would be hugely beneficial too, for those who teach meditation and/or yoga, as it will demonstrate how to help one’s own students make the link to the how of letting go of physical and mental upset.

The very deepest shift, of course, is when one realises altogether that the “mind’s eye” usually has blinkers on it, and the “I” is newly explored. That might or might not be experienced in this workshop.