Nasruddin: The different mindset outside conditioning…

Nasruddin is an Islamic folk figure.
His “foolishness” shows a liberated mind-set, but sometimes a story might show someone who doesn’t get it all.
Often he is called Mullah Nasruddin – The teacher Nasruddin


One day when Nasruddin was ravenously hungry, he went to a cafe and began stuffing himself as fast as he could with both hands.
His friends said, “Why are you eating with both hands, Nasruddin?”
“Because I haven’t got three”.

Who am I?

Nasruddin went into a bank to cash a cheque. The teller asked for ID. Nasruddin took out a mirror and peered into it.
“Yep, that’s me,” he said.

How can you be certain of a teaching?

Nasruddin was sent by the King to investigate the body of teachings of various kinds of teachers of Eastern mystical philosophy. The followers recounted the miracles and sayings of the founders and great teachers of their various schools, all of whom were long dead.

When he returned home, he submitted his report, which consisted of one word: Carrots.
He was called in to explain himself. Nasruddin told the King: “The past is buried. Only a farmer really knows, because of the greenery, that there is something orange under the ground, and that you have to get what’s underneath, and if not, it will deteriorate. But there are a great many donkeys instead, who just eat up the surface stuff and won’t dig any deeper.”

Where to look

One of Nasrudin’s friends found him fossicking around under a street light. (This was in the days when village houses had no electricity).
His friend said, “What are you doing, Nasruddin”
Nasruddin replied, “I lost my diamond. It’s the only valuable thing I’ve got”.
“I’ll help you look!” said his friend.

After a while, his friend and Nasruddin had searched every inch of the space under the street light, and it was not to be found.
“Are you sure it was here that you lost it, Nasruddin?” said his friend.
“Oh no,” said Nasruddin. “I lost it somewhere in my house.”
“What!” said his friend. “Why are you wasting your time and mine looking here, then?”
“Because I can’t see in my house,” said the Mullah.

These stories are partly from the collection by Idries Shah, and some from memory. Numerous stories are told in many spiritual communities in many traditions, and probably some newly invented.