Every Moment Meditation

Every moment meditation

Once there were two young novices in an ashram. Coming from a worldly place, they were trying their best to become meditors and meditative.  They both had a habit of smoking, and just couldn’t give it up.  They even smoked while they were supposed to be  having quiet time and in their personal meditation time.

They decided to be honest and confess to their guru. They were even going to ask him if it was ok if they couldn’t help smoking sometimes when meditating.

Well, the first one went in, and the other one, in the anteroom, heard the guru roaring, and soon his mate came out looking shaken.

“What happened?” said the first one.

“Well, I did it, I asked him. And he was pretty cranky that I had even said it. He said if I didn’t stop, I would have to leave the ashram.  Now it’s your turn. No wimping out!

“Ok,” said the other, and went in when he was called.

“Remember!”said  his friend, as the door opened.

Soon the second one came out, looking very pleased with himself and the world.

“You didn’t tell him, did you?” asked his friend, looking irritated.

“Yes I did.  He was ok with it.”

“No! I don’t believe you! What did you really say?”

His friend chuckled. “You asked him if it was ok if you smoke while you meditate.  I asked him if it was ok if I meditate while I smoke … and he was very happy with me!”

That’s the difference between once a day meditation, and every moment meditation!

(Perhaps it easier to see if we say meditation without smoking or anything else is still-mind, meditation while doing anything else is mindfulness.)


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