Just a quick note to let you know about an opportunity in Melboure for a serious dip into Sanskrit with a great teacher, Dr Andrew Kelly of Melbourne University.

SANSKRIT – CRASH COURSE – IN JANUARY, 10th Jan – 8th Feb 2013, 10.00am to 2.00 pm in the Classics Library, Old Quad (in the beautiful old Law School buildings), Melbourne University

This is a fantastic program for anyone interested in understanding Sanskrit. Andrew teaches ancient languages, is not a yogi (as far as I can tell), but he is a whiz when it comes to language.

The other people in his course may be diverse, some studying linguistics, some just liking language and grammar, others with a yogic interest in the Sanskrit, but, whatever your interest, it is a fast exciting ride into the language of the earliest yogis, and so of their mental landscape too. Be prepared for lots of grammar, but don’t worry too much if you can’t keep up with the brightest sparks – you will still learn plenty.  Andrew is considering a continuing reading group for those who want it.

Andrew is quite approachable about his fee, so ask. . His email address is [email protected] and he has set up a Sanskrit facebook page for open discussion. He puts a word a day and such cute offerings. Here is the link to the FB page: A summer crash course in classical Sanskrit, melbourne 2013. The flyer for the course should be there somewhere. He calls his course, “Vak” – speech.




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