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Aug 25 2016

Uncertainty, Control, Stress

Uncertainty is a major stress factor for most people.  It goes hand in hand with lack of control, which often freaks people right out. We can face uncertainty in a strong and empowered way, or we can be irrational, inept and unhealthy. Some ways that people attempt to take control is by doing their best …

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Oct 26

Comfort, Discomfort, Both OK

Generally we choose comfort over discomfort, and that seems wonderfully reasonable, doesn’t it?  But just consider, whenever  you choose comfort you are pushing away about 99.9% of what is available.  Reality is vast, while your comfort area is tiny and constrictive.  Recognising that both comfort and discomfort are valid experiences is a big leap into …

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Nov 06

No More Being Manipulated

No More Being Manipulated  How do you feel when you have a legitimate issue and the other person slides out of it?  Or puts you down, sometimes claiming that he is only joking? Do you feel that you have to be careful of what you say sometimes, because the other person begins to look angry, and …

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