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Meditating with Mataji

Meditating with Mataji is an entry to a wondrous peace from which the world and one’s own ego clear, without upsetting the equilibrium of peacefulness Continue reading

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Anger…meditation…mindfulness… or Resilience?

Getting off anger – meditation and mindfulness work after the fact, you can learn how to nip it in the bud prior to anger arising. An angry response is a stress reaction. Continue reading

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Scientific Meditation Research

Meditation research has an upside and a downside – the upside is that it is more reliable than personal stories; the downside is that what is left out may be as important as, or more significant than, what is currently tested for. Continue reading

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Comfort, Discomfort, Both OK

Generally we choose comfort over discomfort, and that seems wonderfully reasonable, doesn’t it?  But just consider, whenever  you choose comfort you are pushing away about 99.9% of what is available.  Reality is vast, while your comfort area is tiny and … Continue reading

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Surrender: True, or False?

  A question that vexes yogis – when is surrender true abandonment of the ego, and when is it only an ego-hijacking of spiritual aspiration? Let’s think about some examples of both…

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Satsang Talk – Equanimity

What a ripper – Equanimity, or even-mindedness (Brief notes on a talk from Satsang) What I heard most from people is “What a ripper!”  Seems the talk on even-mindedness had all the lovely yogis present digging deep into their experiences and their intimate … Continue reading

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Meditation – being comfortable with reality

Meditation can do more for us than relieve stress. Continue reading

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Not just a poor relation – the body is spirit too

Often we regard the body as a poor relation to the mind, totally matter, perishable and not at all spiritual.  The old phrase, ‘body, mind and spirit” suggests that we come in three parts, of which the body is clearly … Continue reading

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