As I was asked

Just letting you know that there is now a NEWS ! page on this site. And there is already an UPDATE ! on the page – look under May Satsang for a note about what we did. You might be surprised…

You can see NEWS ! in the navigation bar at the top of this page. I was asked to do it, as some who want to know how to access my programs are not necessarily interested in the Australian College of Classical Yoga bulletins. The upside is that I can put in fun things,like my weights program with a friend, and an invitation to you to join me in my own meditations. And in fact, I may make trivial comments from time to time – “What I had for Breakfast” – ? – and then be able to delete them when they are no longer fun.  The downside is that because the page is static, there is no reminder that something new has been entered.

I must say I feel a bit self-conscious about it all – though I enjoy it, too!



About Mataji

I have been practising still-mind meditation since 1982, teaching still-mind meditation since 1989, and training teachers since 1999. The greatest life change for me has been a steady easefulness with its ups and downs, and an ability to love the difficult folks as well as the easy ones. The more profound changes aren't so easy to put into words.
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