Satsang Talk – Equanimity

What a ripper – Equanimity, or even-mindedness (Brief notes on a talk from Satsang)

What I heard most from people is “What a ripper!”  Seems the talk on even-mindedness had all the lovely yogis present digging deep into their experiences and their intimate sense of themselves – and discovering some much more spiritually challenging ways of dealing with them.

Psychological/emotional pain as the indicator that we are trying to hold on to an illusion… disillusionment something to be grateful for (because why would you want  to be in illusion?), whereas normally we speak about disillusionment as a negative to blame someone else for.

Ways to move from the psychic pain towards equanimity, until we can get to the big one: being able to see your self from exactly the perspective of the person who gives you grief – instead of seeing it only through defensiveness and self-absolution.

And the most huge one: being Shiva, in whom all perspectives sit together.

Did I enjoy it?  You bet.  Our minds are always interesting.

Satsang dates for  2015

January 30,February 27, March 27, April 24, May 29, June 26, July 31, August 28, September 25, October 30, November 27, Christmas Satsang December 11

That is, Satsang will be on the last Friday of every month except December.







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I have been practising still-mind meditation since 1982, teaching still-mind meditation since 1989, and training teachers since 1999. The greatest life change for me has been a steady easefulness with its ups and downs, and an ability to love the difficult folks as well as the easy ones. The more profound changes aren't so easy to put into words.
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