Happy Christmas

christmas-2016-598x1063jpgHello, here is a brief rundown on Christmas 2016

I’m at Buln where it is very peaceful.

Here is Rob relaxing on his ACTUAL 70th birthday

rob-relaxing-on-his-70th-birthday-downsized buln-companionsHere are some non-human companions I asked (nicely) to leave the house


and here are some links, if you would like some reading:

One I wrote for Waverley Yoga :

Peace, Joy, Love

and some old Reflections

Christmas, Jesus, Yoga

The Heretic’s New Year


Now I am pretty sure there will be more sugary foods, oops, I mean festive foods, and sweet company,

Wishing you everything you hope for, and also those qualities that you have not even dared to hope for.





About Mataji

I have been practising still-mind meditation since 1982, teaching still-mind meditation since 1989, and training teachers since 1999. The greatest life change for me has been a steady easefulness with its ups and downs, and an ability to love the difficult folks as well as the easy ones. The more profound changes aren't so easy to put into words.
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