Dec 25

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Happy Christmas

christmas-2016-598x1063jpgHello, here is a brief rundown on Christmas 2016

I’m at Buln where it is very peaceful.
Here is Rob relaxing on his ACTUAL 70th birthday

rob-relaxing-on-his-70th-birthday-downsized buln-companionsHere are some non-human companions I asked (nicely) to leave the house


and here are some links, if you would like some reading:

One I wrote for Waverley Yoga :

Peace, Joy, Love

and some old Reflections

Christmas, Jesus, Yoga

The Heretic’s New Year


Now I am pretty sure there will be more sugary foods, oops, I mean festive foods, and sweet company,

Wishing you everything you hope for, and also those qualities that you have not even dared to hope for.





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