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The Bishop and Me

A poor Catholic girl goes to university and meets an eminent philosopher… her mind expands… she meets him later when he is a Bishop…what did she find? Continue reading

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Yoga Retreat, or Yoga Treat?

When I was in fourth grade, our teacher left the room for a bit, and told us to be very quiet as we were now on retreat. Another teacher came in, and I proudly wrote her a note saying that … Continue reading

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Surrender: True, or False?

  A question that vexes yogis – when is surrender true abandonment of the ego, and when is it only an ego-hijacking of spiritual aspiration? Let’s think about some examples of both…

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On Turning 65

It’s a good age, and I am glad to be 65… though it is a time for reviewing and perhaps re-evaluating.  No time for illusions, that’s for sure. I think the best year of my life, the standout one, was 60 … Continue reading

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Christmas, Jesus, Yoga

Another Christmas… it is often represented by children’s faces glowing with wonder and anticipation as the presents start to pile up under the tree… followed soon by the predictable gripes about the commercialisation of Christmas. I don’t remember it exactly like that.  … Continue reading

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