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Shivaratri – the night of Shiva, the dark night of the moon when God makes his presence felt most strongly… ahh, don’t you feel it somewhere deep and intimate? Of course I want to stay up all night and welcome … Continue reading

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Chatting with Patanjali

Patanjali explains himself in this conversation. What are the Yoga Sutras really about? Is Patanjali non-dualist or dualist? what difference does it make? Continue reading

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Shaivite Self-realisation – Notes on a seminar with Mark Dyczcowski

Shaivite Self-Realisation -Notes on a seminar with Mark Dyczcowski Spanda is the action of Shiva – a pulsating throb of consciousness. The tradition through which I explore Being and Reality is formally known as Kashmir Shaivism. In plain English, it … Continue reading

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