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Meditation is Dhyana, or stillness of mind. It is not visualisation or possitive affirmation.

Monistic not Monastic

Trying to put “swami” into a Western context is like trying to squeeze a tomato through a keyhole. Sometimes a swami is regarded as a monk.  That seems easy at first, as many spiritual traditions have an established and accepted order of … Continue reading

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Yogic Solutions

All of us have difficult situations and unpleasant people to deal with throughout our lives. If only we could find yogic solutions for having loving engagement with others, easy truthfulness, powerful articulation, clear insight into issues, untouched by manipulative ploys.  … Continue reading

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Shaivite Self-realisation – Notes on a seminar with Mark Dyczcowski

Shaivite Self-Realisation -Notes on a seminar with Mark Dyczcowski Spanda is the action of Shiva – a pulsating throb of consciousness. The tradition through which I explore Being and Reality is formally known as Kashmir Shaivism. In plain English, it … Continue reading

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Neural Activity, Physiological Measures, and Meditation

Brain waves indicate the person’s level of arousal, that is, the active mode of thinking and doing, or the individual’s state of consciousness. There are four recognised brain wave states. It is curious that traditionally in Yoga it is said … Continue reading

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