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Dec 25

Happy Christmas

Hello, here is a brief rundown on Christmas 2016 I’m at Buln where it is very peaceful. Here is Rob relaxing on his ACTUAL 70th birthday  Here are some non-human companions I asked (nicely) to leave the house   and here are some links, if you would like some reading: One I wrote for Waverley …

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Jan 31

Hurting and Growing

I owe much to guru and lineage. Without having had a guru, I would not have discovered this yogic path,  nor ventured far upon it. Without his guru, I would not have met him. Without the great Nityananda, none of us would have made this journey at all. Nevertheless, many years ago I was disillusioned with my guru. It …

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May 16

On Turning 65

It’s a good age, and I am glad to be 65… though it is a time for reviewing and perhaps re-evaluating.  No time for illusions, that’s for sure. I think the best year of my life, the standout one, was 60 (yes, 60!) and yet this last five years has been like the space between adolescence …

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Dec 20

Christmas, Jesus, Yoga

Another Christmas… it is often represented by children’s faces glowing with wonder and anticipation as the presents start to pile up under the tree… followed soon by the predictable gripes about the commercialisation of Christmas. I don’t remember it exactly like that.  The presents might have been a big feature of my childhood Christmases, but actually, my …

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Nov 28

Yogic Solutions

All of us have difficult situations and unpleasant people to deal with throughout our lives. If only we could find yogic solutions for having loving engagement with others, easy truthfulness, powerful articulation, clear insight into issues, untouched by manipulative ploys.  Our lives might be more peaceful, more fulfilling and more effective. Meanwhile. even, dealing with pleasant …

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