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Jan 15

Physical Body, Spiritual Body

Your physical body, spiritual body… can it be so, or do you suppose that the body is totally matter, perishable and not at all spiritual? That the mind is spirit while the body is only the vehicle?. There  could be something quite back-to-front about that. Great teachings suggest there is something suspect about the mind and its role – sayings such …

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Mar 26

Unchallenged Assumptions Lead to Poor Outcomes

Here is a conversation I had recently with a student: Nothing external can cause an internal response What causes our emotional reaction is the black box full of assumptions (in the mind) by which we make inferences about how we should behave, emotionally and socially. So an insult doesn’t make you angry: what makes you …

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Dec 31 2014

End 2014, Year of Changes

Changes – some painful, some joyful or even ecstatic, some that come simply with the turning  of the Earth.This time last  year, somehow I had a feeling that 2014 would be a year of changes… and I was right. Maybe,on reflection, any 12 month period will see change anyway. But this one was fully charged… …

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Mar 27

Truthfulness …Being Truthful to Yourself – so that you can be truthful about yourself

Truthfulness is a strange phenomenon. Scrupulous truth-telling may not be the same as real truthfulness. (Why?) Likewise with lying. A persistent liar is very unlikely to be able to be truthful to himself. And if untruthful to themselves, neither the scrupulous truth teller nor the liar is able to be truthful about themselves. But what about you? …

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Jan 20

Let ’em think what they like!

Do you try to make sure people  understand you?  Waste of time!  After you have said your bit as best you can, take as a given that your hearers will filter your communication through their own preconceptions. For your listeners, “you” are their creation and your input into it is quite limited. You can’t change that.

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Apr 19

Meditation – being comfortable with reality

Meditation – pathway to the impressive state of the underlying self. Our most profound experience of self is sublime, peaceful, loving and creative. How to get there?  Well, not by doing what the mind has been doing for years. And if you only aim at stress relief, you are setting your bar much too low. Try stillness, and a …

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Jan 01

Chatting with Patanjali

Oh Patanjali, what a brilliant teacher you are!  Right up there with Shankaracharya, Nisargadatta, Ramana, Meister Eckhart, and the Zen Patriarchs. I’ve been studying and teaching your Sutras for 30 years. Yet people say to me, “Oh, I’ve read the Yoga Sutras,” yet it is obvious that nothing has sunk in …  Would you tell us yourself what you meant?

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Nov 28

Yogic Solutions

All of us have difficult situations and unpleasant people to deal with throughout our lives. If only we could find yogic solutions for having loving engagement with others, easy truthfulness, powerful articulation, clear insight into issues, untouched by manipulative ploys.  Our lives might be more peaceful, more fulfilling and more effective. Meanwhile. even, dealing with pleasant …

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May 11

Query on aspects of the Yoga Sutras

This is a discussion on the notion of “vrtti”in the Yoga Sutras, prompted by a query from a student.  The phrase, or paraphrase, for “vrtti” as “ideational choice making tendency of the mind” is from P.Y. Deshpande, The Authentic Yoga Sutra. DC:  I would like to clarify word usage and interpretation within different translations of …

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