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Aug 22 2017

Starting Your Meditation Practice – Part 1, Time

New to meditation?  Here are some tips on getting yourself established.   1. Decide on the period in which you will be able to meditate every day. 20 minuutes is a minimum to be effective. If you think you will manage 30 minutes, great – every day. And if you are seriously serious, you might …

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Mar 04

Yoga Retreat, or Yoga Treat?

When I was in fourth grade, our teacher left the room for a bit, and told us to be very quiet as we were now on retreat. Another teacher came in, and I proudly wrote her a note saying that we couldn’t talk because we were having a treat!

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Dec 31 2014

End 2014, Year of Changes

Changes – some painful, some joyful or even ecstatic, some that come simply with the turning  of the Earth.This time last  year, somehow I had a feeling that 2014 would be a year of changes… and I was right. Maybe,on reflection, any 12 month period will see change anyway. But this one was fully charged… …

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Apr 24

Mission Beach – Rainforest in Winter

As winter 2014  approaches, I’m reminded of the time I spend, once a year for a week, in the mysterious rainforest of Northern Queensland. Sanctuary Retreat is not too far north – an hour’s drive south of Cairns. I go in July, just as the Melbourne winter is beginning to drag, even for someone who generally prefers …

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Apr 19

Meditation – being comfortable with reality

Meditation – pathway to the impressive state of the underlying self. Our most profound experience of self is sublime, peaceful, loving and creative. How to get there?  Well, not by doing what the mind has been doing for years. And if you only aim at stress relief, you are setting your bar much too low. Try stillness, and a …

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Apr 23

Friendly Voice of Reason

I want to add a friendly voice to those clamouring at Ian Gawler – it is a sad thing when someone, who found himself at the edge of death yet is still alive 40 years later, has to defend himself from those who have never touched the void

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Nov 28

Yogic Solutions

All of us have difficult situations and unpleasant people to deal with throughout our lives. If only we could find yogic solutions for having loving engagement with others, easy truthfulness, powerful articulation, clear insight into issues, untouched by manipulative ploys.  Our lives might be more peaceful, more fulfilling and more effective. Meanwhile. even, dealing with pleasant …

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Apr 05

Shaivite Self-realisation – Notes on a seminar with Mark Dyczcowski

Shaivite Self-Realisation -Notes on a seminar with Mark Dyczcowski Spanda is the action of Shiva – a pulsating throb of consciousness. The tradition through which I explore Being and Reality is formally known as Kashmir Shaivism. In plain English, it means that Consciousness is itself what reality is. It is another name for reality.  Neither …

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