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I am the spiritual director of the Australian College of Classical Yoga. We teach reality based spirituality.

Surrender: True, or False?

  A question that vexes yogis – when is surrender true abandonment of the ego, and when is it only an ego-hijacking of spiritual aspiration? Let’s think about some examples of both…

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I Like Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor lives in a cold, hard place – rejected by most of his peers , alcoholic, insightful, fights a lot and yet has his own integrity and a surprising kindness.

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Satsang Talk – Equanimity

What a ripper – Equanimity, or even-mindedness (Brief notes on a talk from Satsang) What I heard most from people is “What a ripper!”  Seems the talk on even-mindedness had all the lovely yogis present digging deep into their experiences and their intimate … Continue reading

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As I was asked

Just letting you know that there is now a NEWS ! page on this site. And there is already an UPDATE ! on the page – look under May Satsang for a note about what we did. You might be surprised… You can … Continue reading

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On Turning 65

It’s a good age, and I am glad to be 65… though it is a time for reviewing and perhaps re-evaluating.  No time for illusions, that’s for sure. I think the best year of my life, the standout one, was 60 … Continue reading

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Meditation – being comfortable with reality

Meditation can do more for us than relieve stress. Continue reading

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Shivaratri – the night of Shiva, the dark night of the moon when God makes his presence felt most strongly… ahh, don’t you feel it somewhere deep and intimate? Of course I want to stay up all night and welcome … Continue reading

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Chatting with Patanjali

Patanjali explains himself in this conversation. What are the Yoga Sutras really about? Is Patanjali non-dualist or dualist? what difference does it make? Continue reading

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Just a quick note to let you know about an opportunity in Melboure for a serious dip into Sanskrit with a great teacher, Dr Andrew Kelly of Melbourne University. SANSKRIT – CRASH COURSE – IN JANUARY, 10th Jan – 8th … Continue reading

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Not just a poor relation – the body is spirit too

Often we regard the body as a poor relation to the mind, totally matter, perishable and not at all spiritual.  The old phrase, ‘body, mind and spirit” suggests that we come in three parts, of which the body is clearly … Continue reading

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